Thursday, 21 April 2011

Life drawing

Devil's gonna get ya

Few pages photographed from the book I made for a project in my 1st year Illlustration degree. Everyone was randomly given a famous person to research and create a final book for. I picked Muddy Water's the blues musician.

Having done loads of research; in the end I decided to create a narrative based around something his grandmother said to him "Devil's gonna get ya" in responce to his love of blues music. Alot of religious people living in Mississippi at the time believed that any music not celebrating God was a sin.

These images show Muddy discovering music and explore the idea of sin. The devil appears in the form of a snake and chases Muddy throughout the book. I tried to give all the images a stain glass window look to reference Christianity.

Summer Sketchbook 2009

Few pages from my summer sketchbook of 2009, going from foundation to 1st year Illustration. Enjoy!

Face in beer

Two little guys I made on my foundation course. Rather fond of them.

Photo manipulations

Two photo manipulations using myself as a model, sometimes willing models are hard to come by, and its free to use your own face :) Both made when I was quite into doing digital stuff, should get back into it me thinks. One is based on Sleeping Beauty, I wanted to make a version that looked a bit creepy with the cobwebs. The other is more of an experiment, the actual photograph was taken in the bath using the assistance of a tripod.

Bullied Cookie

This image was part of a triptech that I did for my foundation course, but this image is definatly the strongest of the three. The theme given to us was icons. My interpretation of that was looking at the social hierarchy in schools, and how people may get rid of what's unique about themselves in order to fit in, hense the cookie cutter. My only criticism is alot of people assumed this was about weightloss which I can totally see, I was just meaning the excess skin to be more metaphorical of the parts of ourselves we throw away. Even if it was about weightloss that's another thing we do to fit in anyway.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Catching Time

I made these for my final piece for my foundation course. I chose the topic time travel. This was a 10 week project my idea evolved into more about trying to capture time and stop time. I came up with the idea for these butterfly creatures to reprsent the concept of time. They are also meant to be like a mythical creature to convey that time is a human concept. They were made from clock and watch parts and connected together with wire then hung from the ceiling.